After the success of “Zukunft Pink”, Berlin musician Peter Fox (52) has recorded a new hymn to life. For the song “Toast”, Fox, who was born Pierre Baigorry in Berlin, secured support from the German rapper Raheem Heid from Frankfurt/Main, who plays as Reezy. Together they raise toasts to the stage crew or “the love that never leaves us”. According to information, the song will be released this Friday (May 3rd).

The Seeed singer Fox achieved huge success with his first solo album “Stadtaffe” in 2008. Last year, the musician was first celebrated for the single “Zukunft Pink”, recorded with singer Inéz, and then also for the album “Love Songs”.

As with “Zukunft Pink”, Fox’s new song “Toast” once again reflects his love for the influences of dancehall and African amapiano house. The driving beats are accompanied by many cheerful lines, because “the family is healthy and the kids are all right”. Everything is “too good to be true, the stars shine like Tiffany”. For Fox, not everything is OK: “No land of smiles, Germany is weakening, but I’m staying strong.” In the song, the singer wishes that his life’s dream will last a little longer: “I hope that no one wakes me up.”