Pop singer Michael Schulte (32) has the days of partying through the night behind him. “I actually grew out of it. It’s certainly the case for many people in their mid-thirties that you don’t go to clubs as much anymore. If you have two children and you’re taken, you don’t do it that often anymore,” said the musician from northern Germany of the Germans press agency.

The musician, who took fourth place at the ESC in 2018 with “You Let Me Walk Alone”, makes party exceptions – like a year ago with his colleague Max Giesinger. “It was the first time since Corona that this was possible again. And before our ski vacation we stopped in Zurich and danced to our hearts.”

Schulte released his single “Waterfall” with Dutch producer R3hab on Friday. The danceable dance song is a harbinger of the upcoming album, which is due to be released in autumn.