Muhammad Ali’s (1942-2016) boxing match “Thrilla in Manila” from 1975, when the US boxing legend entered the ring against opponent Joe Frazier (1944-2011) in the Philippine city of Quezon, remains unforgotten. Ali won a narrow victory in 14 rounds and marked the end of an era with the last of three fights against Frazier.

Since the end of March, the white pants that the boxing legend wore back then have been auctioned off at the New York auction house Sotheby’s. The Everlast pants, signed by Ali personally, could fetch up to six million dollars.

As of Friday morning, April 5th, the current highest bid for Muhammad Ali’s white boxing trunks is around 3.8 million US dollars, which is approximately 3.5 million euros. The seller’s minimum price of $4 million has not yet been reached. But that could change in the coming days. Anyone interested still has the chance to place a bid for the legendary boxing pants until April 12th.

Clothing belonging to prominent athletes and artists often comes under the hammer at Sotheby’s. Last September, the auction of Princess Diana’s (1961-1997) iconic sheep sweater caused a stir: the royal garment achieved a record price of 1.1 million US dollars. It was estimated at just $50,000.