Kate took a tour of the countless flowers and cards around Windsor Castle with her husband Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan. During this performance, the Princess of Wales tells how her son Louis reacted to the news of the death of his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

On Tiktok, viewers overheard Kate recounting what her youngest son Louis had said about the Queen’s death: “Louis said at least Grannie is with great-grandfather now.”

One can only guess how hard Queen Elizabeth II was hit by the death of her husband after 73 years of marriage. The monarch had described him as loving and as her “strength and support”.

Prince William wrote on Instagram after the Queen’s death that he was grateful to have known the Queen’s wisdom by his side for so long in his life. His three children could have spent their holidays with their “grannie” and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Prince Louis is the youngest son of Kate and William and was born on April 23, 2018 in London. He saw the light of day in St. Mary’s Hospital – that’s where his father and siblings were born. During the jubilee this year, the little boy almost stole the show from his great-grandmother with his funny faces. “We all had an incredible time. Louis especially,” the royals joked in a post at the time.

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