Motsi Mabuse (42) inspires fans’ hearts as a juror on “Let’s Dance”. For several years she has been in a similar role as a judge on the British TV dance show “Strictly Come Dancing” – and has now had the royal pleasure of even getting to know Princess Kate (41) and her children personally. Because the royals are big fans of the TV show. Mabuse revealed how the secret meeting in the BBC studios went on the ZDF show “Dalli Dalli – The Christmas Show” (on December 19th from 8:15 p.m.).

According to British media reports, the secret meeting took place at the beginning of December. “Last week I was able to get to know the family. They came to the studio secretly. That was a huge deal. They are big fans,” says Motsi Mabuse in the ZDF broadcast. Princess Kate and the children George (10), Charlotte (8) and Luis (5) said: “Saturday our TV is on and we are watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.” They all laughed.

An insider told British newspaper The Sun in early December: “Kate took photos of the children in the judges’ seats. She seemed very relaxed and always had a smile on her face.” She was very charming and polite. All three children showed their best side.