The “Let’s Dance” juror Motsi Mabuse (41) had the honor of performing for King Charles III at the state banquet in Bellevue Palace. (74) and his wife Queen Consort Camilla (75) to be there on Wednesday evening. In the aftermath, the dancer spoke to the broadcaster RTL about her impressions. In a short video interview, she explained: “Very relaxed, very beautiful.” There was music, delicious food and different conversations. For her, however, it was initially a “shock” that she was not allowed to sit at a table with her husband Evgenij Voznyuk (39). At the moment of shaking hands with King Charles, she was “very nervous” and “couldn’t say anything more”.

Now she no longer wants to wash her hands, Mabuse remarked jokingly. The “Let’s Dance” star also followed suit on Instagram. “Life can take you to places you could never have imagined,” wrote Mabuse there in English. The Charles meeting was a “special experience”. Mabuse was invited because of her engagement in the British show “Strictly Come Dancing”, the British counterpart to the RTL show “Let’s Dance”. According to Mabuse, Charles and Camilla are fans of the show and “well informed”.

In another statement to RTL, Mabuse confirmed that she would also attend the official coronation of King Charles III. invited to London on May 6th. Incidentally, her dream is to someday produce “Strictly Come Dancing” at Buckingham Palace. She has already said this to the king and she does not think it is impossible for this dream to become a reality in the future. She was also impressed by the British king, especially by his modesty and his humility before the great task of being king. That moved her when she met the British monarch.