The actor Sven Martinek (59, “Veterinarian Dr. Mertens”) enjoys special rights in the Hamburg hotel where he and his colleague Ingo Naujoks (61, “Magda does it”) during the filming of the evening-long series “Morden im Norden ” (ARD) has lived for a long time.

“We have spent more than 1,400 nights there since 2014. The year before last, when they were remodeling the rooms, I was asked whether I would prefer a bath or shower in the room,” Martinek told the dpa in the Hanseatic city. “Well, a shower is enough for me – so they installed one.”

The actor said he thought it was great that the hotel management would ask him something like that when measures were already planned. And Naujoks added: “Another extremely funny situation was when we were both standing in the elevator and the hotel manager came up to us and asked what kind of flooring we wanted.” The request was also granted.

The duo will investigate “Morden in the North” in 16 new episodes of the tenth season on Erste from January 8th at 6:50 p.m.