Have a good week – and have fun with our tweets!

You probably know it too: you rarely hear good things in the news at the moment, there are arguments on social media and even more so on talk shows. It’s difficult to start the day in a good mood in the morning. Especially if it’s a Monday morning.

But despite all the negative news, it’s not all bad, even if our mood sometimes leads us to believe that. The beautiful things are sometimes just very small and are easily overlooked – you then have to look consciously and be open to the positive and the small, beautiful moments. Every now and then you just need a silly joke to lift your mood – it’s a good idea if you have colleagues or friends with a good sense of humor.

But sometimes you need a little concentrated good mood to make the start of the new week a little more pleasant – that’s what we want to help with our Monday tweets. We want to make you smile and maybe even laugh every now and then, even if it’s raining outside, your coffee has gotten cold again from all the work and we all would have liked a longer weekend. Everything isn’t always perfect, but there are always things that make our day a little brighter.

That’s why we’re collecting funny everyday anecdotes, cute animals, cheeky jokes and beautiful stories for you on Twitter that will hopefully restore your faith in humanity a little bit. Five minutes to take a breather and switch off from all the bad news that usually bothers us all week. Because it just has to happen every now and then, right? By the way, you can find all previous tweets against sadness on this page!