For decades, King Charles III. ridiculed by the British press and sections of the public for its efforts to protect the climate and the environment. Prince Harry describes his father in his autobiography, Spare, as an inquisitive bookworm who spends hours at his desk educating himself on climate issues.

“At this moment we are confronted with the terrible effects of environmental pollution in all its cancerous forms” – the current monarch said this not last year, or according to the latest IPCC report, but in February 1970. Charles’ words find expression today significantly more hearing. Even on his first visit to Germany as king, he remains true to himself.

According to the Office of the Federal President, Charles will visit the Brodowin eco-village in the Brandenburg municipality of Chorin in the coming week. According to the agency’s website, topics such as “green agriculture, rural areas, the sale of ecological products and the protection of wetlands” will be discussed there.

For King Charles III. all matters of the heart. As early as the 1980s, the then Prince of Wales began to make the garden of his Highgrove estate ecological. The organic products from the garden are sold under the name Douchy Originals, and the proceeds go to good causes. But Charles also wants to reduce his own carbon footprint. He had biomass heating systems installed in his Birkhall country estate. Clarence House has been fitted with solar panels. Charles also remodeled his Aston Martin to run mostly on bioethanol – or as Charles himself explained, “excess English white wine and whey from cheese production”.

The organic farm that Charles will visit in Brandenburg is also proud of its ecologically valuable principles. After reunification, they took “their own destiny and that of our environment into their own hands”. Today the farm is an organic farm according to Demeter guidelines – and will soon even have a royal visit.

Sources: “Tagesspiegel” / “Country

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