According to the authorities, a dead man found in California several days ago is British actor Julian Sands. The body had been clearly identified, said the sheriff’s office in the San Bernardino district on Tuesday (local time). The exact cause of death is still under investigation. Hikers had found human remains in a mountainous region on Saturday.

Sands left for a trip to the Mount Baldy area northeast of Los Angeles on January 13 and has not returned. The 65-year-old was an experienced mountain hiker who had crossed the Andes in the 1990s. He lived near Hollywood.

Mount Baldy is part of the San Gabriel mountain range and is almost 3070 meters high. This makes it the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains and a popular hiking destination near the California metropolis of Los Angeles. The sheriff’s office warned against hiking there in January because of dangerous weather conditions with ice and snow.

A search and rescue operation was unsuccessful. The actor’s brother said two weeks after the search began that he accepted Sands would not be found alive. Hikers then discovered human remains on Mount San Antonio on Saturday. The body was taken to forensic medicine for identification.

In his career, Sands has appeared in numerous films and series, in addition to “A Room With a View”, such as “Naked Lunch”, “The Killing Fields”, “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Arachnophobia”, “Smallville” , “24” and most recently “What/If”.