It has been clear for several months that the crime comedy “Miss Merkel” will receive a sequel. Now broadcaster RTL has announced further details. Accordingly, “Miss Merkel” will return with a new case on March 19th at 8:15 p.m. According to the announcement, it is titled “Murder in the Cemetery,” and actress Katharina Thalbach (70) will once again take on the role of amateur detective Angela Merkel.

A week beforehand (March 12th), RTL is also showing the first case “Miss Merkel – A Uckermark Crime Story” again, which, according to the broadcaster, was “excellently” received by the audience in March 2023 with an average of 3.27 million viewers.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Katharina Thalbach indicated before part one was broadcast that she was interested in a sequel. “So I would be thrilled to continue doing this,” said the actress. So she must have enjoyed filming part two…

About the content of the second film, RTL announced in advance that another murder had occurred in the tranquil town of Klein-Freudenstadt. “The cemetery gardener is stuck upside down in the ground with only his legs sticking out of a grave.” Angela Merkel, her husband Achim (played by Thorsten Merten, 60), bodyguard Mike (Tim Kalkhof, 36) and pug “Helmut” begin the investigation.

“It turns out that the murder suspects belong to two feuding undertaker families who want to protect a dark secret,” it continues. According to the broadcaster’s announcement, the charming Kurt Kunkel (Sven Martinek, 59) in particular is said to fascinate Angela; they both share not only a love of Shakespeare… There will also be a reunion with Inspector Hannemann (Sascha Nathan, 46) for the audience.

The new film adaptation is also based on the novel by David Safier (57), “Miss Merkel – Murder in the Cemetery”. The crime comedy will be available on RTL from March 12th.