Singer Adele has been trying to be healthier for years. After giving up cigarettes and alcohol and losing a lot of weight, she now wants to give up coffee as well. But that seems to bother her a lot.

As reported by The Sun, the singer revealed during a performance in Las Vegas: “I decided to quit drinking coffee this week and I’ve had migraines all damn week.” Her head was literally pounding. “It was like there was a drill in my head.”

She further stated, “It was harder than quitting smoking, harder than trying to quit drinking.” She was “disgusted by these withdrawal symptoms” but did not want to give up now. “I drank about 25 decaffeinated coffees yesterday and tried to trick my brain into thinking I was drinking coffee.”

But thanks to her concert, she’s doing a little better: “Caffeine and adrenaline must be the same, because the moment I came on stage and you all started singing to me, my headache went a little. It’s a nice relief.”

Adele continued: “So if you see me shaking, don’t worry.” You’ve also tried to fix the problem with sugar. “I ate two pieces of apple pie for dinner tonight. I ate that instead of my regular dinner.”

In 2020, the Briton surprised with a new look. In the course of separating from her husband Simon Konecki, she lost 45 kilos – with a lot of sport and a change in diet. She had already quit smoking a few years earlier. By 2011, she was puffing up to 25 cigarettes a day, which was not good for her voice. She even had to cancel shows.

After an operation, the doctors then urgently advised her to stop smoking. “If I had continued to smoke, I probably would have died from an illness that could have come from this addiction. That really wouldn’t be good,” she confessed at the time. “If I got lung cancer, I would have blamed myself completely. And I wouldn’t necessarily be proud of that.”