Film director Quentin Tarantino expressed his solidarity with the soldiers during a visit to an Israeli military base. The American Hollywood star (“Pulp Fiction”, “Jackie Brown”, “Kill Bill”) came to the unnamed base to show his support for the military in the fight against the Islamist Hamas attackers, the Israeli reported News site “Ynet”.

She also published a photo that shows the director posing in front of a military helicopter with soldiers. Tarantino is married to the Israeli actress and singer Daniella Pick and has lived in Israel for several years.

Last Saturday, hundreds of terrorists crossed the border into Israel on behalf of the Islamist organization Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, in a surprise attack and carried out massacres that left hundreds dead. Since then, Israel has been attacking targets in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military has ordered more than a million Palestinians to evacuate from the northern coastal area ahead of an expected ground offensive.