Intelligent: The search for love is as old as humanity. In the science fiction film “Fingernails,” artificial intelligence helps with this. There is therefore true love between Anna and Ryan. But can technology actually sense human emotions? Anna, who starts working in a love testing institute, also asks herself the same question. The company there wants to make love free of risks and uncertainties. Anna soon begins to have doubts as to whether it really works that way. “Fingernails” can be seen on Apple TV. The film stars Jessie Buckley (“Beast”), Jeremy Allen White (“Movie 43”) and Riz Ahmed (“Venom”).

Dokumentarfilm “Metal Battle Girl”

Life in professional sports is hard. Snowboarder Silvia Mittermüller, who was at the top for years, can confirm this. But at the age of 38, she reached her physical and mental limits – and had to end her career. A documentary now shows how Mittermüller bravely fights back into life and dares to make a new start. “Metal Battle Girl” can be seen in the ZDF media library.

Spionagedrama “Spy/Master”

Corrupt: Victor Godeanu has a secret. In 1978 he was not only the Romanian dictator Ceaucescu’s closest advisor and also a high-ranking agent in his country. At the same time he is also a spy for the Russian secret service KGB. When his double game threatens to be exposed, his only option is to flee to the USA. The GDR Stasi agent Ingrid and a colleague from the USA are supposed to help Godeanu. A dangerous game begins that involves more than just personal fate. The entire power structure of the Eastern Bloc is affected. “Spy/Master” is the name of the six-part espionage drama from Warner TV series, which can be seen on Sky, Deutsche Telekom and Unitymedia, among others.

“Life on our planet”

Very exciting: Netflix is ​​dedicating a documentary to “life on our planet”. With the help of modern technologies, animal species that have long been extinct are brought to life. The creators of the series want to tell the story of life over billions of years. It’s about the first single-celled organisms as well as dinosaurs, aquatic animals and of course mammals.

“Real – Our Youth” by Kim Frank

Back to the 1990s: With “You don’t have love in you,” the German pop group Echt created one of the biggest catchy tunes of the 1990s. Kim Frank, who became an author and filmmaker after the band split up in 2002, edited three coming-of-age films from the private recordings that had never been seen in public before. 240 hours of film material were shot during the band’s time. “Real – Our Youth” will be available in the ARD media library from November 23rd.

Nature documentary series “A Year on Our Earth”

How animals react to disasters: fire rollers, icy snowstorms, huge thunderstorms with huge amounts of water – the animal world around the globe is exposed to ever-increasing forces of nature. How animal families defy these extreme conditions is what the four-part nature documentary series “A Year on Our Earth” is about. The series shows in impressive images how wildlife around the world adapts to the changing seasons and copes with the resulting demands on their own survival. The narrator of the film series is actor Christoph Maria Herbst. In the ARD media library since this week.