Jennifer Aniston was texting back and forth with Matthew Perry the morning of his death. Aniston, who was good friends with Perry, said in an interview with Variety magazine after his death: “He was happy. He was healthy. He had quit smoking. He was in shape.” But the autopsy report, which was published last Friday, speaks a different language: Perry died “as a result of acute effects of ketamine,” it says. The amount: so large that it would have been enough for general anesthesia. The actor was found drowned in his hot tub at the end of October.

The death is classified as an accident. Doctors believe Perry became unconscious from the anesthetic and then drowned. But how did this chain of unfortunate circumstances come about?

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reports on various painkillers, some empty, some pill bottles half full, that were found in his assistant’s bedroom; the recipe was written out to the actor. In addition to the prescription drugs, several drugs were discovered without a prescription. Also various digestive support products, loose pills and Viagra.

The report also shows that Matthew Perry had been prescribed the drug “Mounjaro” to lose weight. He also received injections of the hormone testosterone, which, according to an unnamed employee, made him “angry” in the last few weeks before his death. There were also several nicotine vapor products in Perry’s living room and nicotine lollipops in his refrigerator.

A close confidant also confirmed to the British newspaper that the actor did not seem to be as balanced as Aniston remembers him before his death. Perry is said to have not been honest about his abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The actor, who released his memoirs at the end of 2022, said he was clean and sober. The confidant, who did not want to be named, according to the Daily Mail, claimed: “He lied to everyone about his sobriety. He never was. It’s very sad. You know, the biggest lie he told was believed probably him too.”

A picture taken a few days before his death and uploaded to Instagram by the actor bears the caption: “Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel better? I’m Mattman” – while the picture shows him in the hot tub sitting shows.

Perry is said to have only called himself “Mattman” when  he was not sober. At least that’s what people who knew him say. “Mattman”, a made-up name from his name Matthew and Batman. His former girlfriend Kayti Edwards explained why no drugs were likely found in the house during the search: “He was paranoid and wanted to take them all at once so there was no evidence. (…) Also, the ‘Mattman’ thing he didn’t say when he was sober.”

His last public appearance was at the French Open, four months before he died. Perry loved tennis and found a second passion in pickleball, a ball sport that combines badminton, tennis and table tennis. His coach Matt Manasse said after his passing that Perry had developed “a new, healthy addiction” to the sport. At 11 a.m. on the day of his death he was still playing pickleball, and his death was confirmed at around 4 p.m.

In the last few days before his death, he often went out to eat with friends. On October 21, he was seen leaving the popular Apple Pan restaurant with a male friend. In September, Perry was seen with an unknown brunette woman at the Nobu Malibu restaurant. A good 24 hours before the 54-year-old died, he had lunch with the model Athenna Crosby at the Bel-Air Hotel, the American portal TMZ published the pictures. She also had the impression that the actor was “happy and healthy”.

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