From American Marvel or DC heroes to the Japanese Shueisha classics: Comic fans will find their favorite heroes and stories in smartphone format in the appropriate apps. Thanks to these apps for Android and iOS, comic aficionados always have their favorites on board.

The big draft horses of American and Japanese comics and manga naturally offer their own apps. In the cases of Marvel, DC, and Shueisha, these are, at their core, comic book e-readers with attached libraries. The “Marvel Universe” is available in Germany, the monthly flat rate for the collected Marvel content costs 9.99 euros.

In order to be able to dial into the “DC Universe Infinite”, a VPN connection is currently required in addition to the monthly $9.99, because the app is currently only available in a few English-speaking countries, including the USA and Great Britain. On the other hand, the “Manga Plus” app from the Japanese comic publisher Sheuisha, which publishes the “Naruto” and “Dragonball” comics, among others, is available globally in the App and Play Store and is free of charge.

One of the largest cross-brand comic libraries is still gathered in the “Comixology” (Android/iOS) application, but the classic among comic apps has belonged to the Amazon group since 2014 and is increasingly being integrated into its “Kindle ” app integrated. This means that users who import their existing “Comixology” collection into “Kindle” will lose their “Comixology” account. The mail-order giant also wants to become a leader among comic providers and is already another app where fans can buy and manage comics.

Where Amazon is, Google is often not far. This also applies to the comic book market, where Google has thousands of comics in its range via “Google Play Books”. The fact that the purchase of a comic book is synchronized with the Google account is an advantage for many users, as this makes it easier to transfer to other devices and import into other apps.

Anyone who already owns several files from comic books and would like to manage them in one place will find the right app in the free “Astonishing Comic Reader”, albeit only for Android devices. It can be used to manage and display CBR, CBZ and PDF files. In addition, the option is integrated into the app to display content on connected devices. So if you prefer to enjoy your comic favorites on a 4K television, you will find the right thing here.