In the film industry, too, there are still large differences in the pay of men and women. Actress Martina Gedeck (61) also had to experience this firsthand. “I also had this situation in my career, that I was told that it was quite clear that I earned less as a woman,” she says in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”.

That’s why she was “completely horrified” at the time and had to fight and accept “that I might not be hired,” she recalls. The fact that these differences still exist today is “grotesque” for her, says Gedeck. The actress says that rejecting a film role entirely is a double punishment, but it is still necessary. “You really have to say no. And saying no has to be learned.”

After all – and that too “took long enough” – more and more women are now represented behind the camera. Gedeck had “seldom worked with women in earlier years, there were hardly any female directors”. She supports this development “expressly”. At the same time, Gedeck also emphasizes: “On the other hand, I have to say: If deserving, great directors no longer have work just because they are men, that’s just as stupid. And unfortunately that’s also becoming apparent right now. We are Yes, always very thorough in everything.”

Martina Gedeck is a celebrated film star and became known in the early 2000s for her role as gourmet chef Martha in the movie “Bella Martha”. Many also know the native of Munich from the Oscar-winning Stasi drama “The Lives of Others” (2006), in which she played one of the leading roles. Most recently she was in front of the camera for the UFA series “Helgoland 513” (coming soon to Sky).