The German rapper Marteria (40) will apparently not have to face a trial in the USA. The musician’s lawyer has now confirmed this to the “Bild” newspaper. A US court held a hearing on Tuesday (April 18), but prosecutors said they decided not to prosecute the case, according to the report. Marten Laciny, Marteria’s real name, didn’t even show up for the appointment.

Marteria was briefly arrested in the United States earlier this month for alleged assault. He was accused of choking a woman. The relevant file from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina is publicly available on their website – including Marteria’s mugshot.

According to the police document, the alleged assault was reported to the police on March 30, 2023. The allegations are “strangulation attack” and “attack on a woman”. According to “Spiegel”, the rapper was released shortly after the arrest on bail of $ 5,000. According to his lawyer, there is now a possibility that Marteria will get these buzzers back. In addition, he is considered by this decision as no criminal record in the United States.