Last Tuesday, the dating show “My Mom, Your Dad” started on Vox with Amira Pocher as moderator. Reason enough to put Oliver Pocher’s wife to the test when it comes to love, dating and relationships.

She gave interviews to various magazines and the sum total of the statements she made underscore the picture that the marriage of the German media couple is in crisis. In the TV magazine “Punkt 8” Amira Pocher is asked about it. When asked by moderator Annett Möller: “Tell me, how is the situation with you right now?” she replies: “Yeah, should we give him a call?” (meaning Oliver Pocher), whereupon the presenter asks: “He’s not there at the moment? Isn’t he on the road?” Amira seems insecure, she says: “Oh yes, I know, uh….”, she falters and moderator Marco Schreyl adds: “He wants to experience Lionel Richie”, whereupon Amira incredulous “Yes?” asks. It gives the impression that she has no idea where her husband is at the moment.

This is followed by words of praise from the moderator about the couple’s work “and that the whole television nation wishes…” (probably after this the two should get together again) – Amira interrupts: “We will always be a team, no matter how It goes on. Out or on. I hope we’ll always be a team, that’s the goal.”

In the lunchtime magazine “Punkt 12” Amira states that she herself would not have wanted to make her marital problems public. “It’s really forgotten that we didn’t say that at all, but someone talked,” said the comedian’s wife. Only afterwards did the couple make their situation public in the podcast. In the midday magazine she says about the current situation “It’s not easy”. The marital problems seem to continue.

In an interview with “Gala”, Amira Pocher tells that she had her two sons with her when filming “My Mom, Your Dad” and that her mother helped her with the care. This raises the question of where Oliver Pocher was at the time or whether he had work to do himself. She goes on to say, “I think good communication is the be-all and end-all. Every couple needs it. And I think it’s the key to a long, happy marriage.” – in the podcast of the two, however, you can hear again and again that communication with the Pocher couple often gets stuck.

Amira Pocher also hinted at the star that her marriage was not doing too well. She says she would never use dating apps again if she didn’t sort people out in this superficial way – which begs the question as to why, as a married woman, she would ever date again. There is also a strong dig at Oliver Pocher, wrapped in a sweet Pampers story. The moderator’s two-and-a-half-year-old son recently opened the door for her, which touched her. In an interview, she says about his future: “I’m confident that he would be the first Pocher to become a gentleman,” indicating that Oliver Pocher is probably not one. In the questions beforehand, however, the 30-year-old emphasizes that she appreciates these qualities in men: “…that’s really important to me personally, I attach great importance to it.” She also reveals that she registers receiving love letters and direct messages on social media.

Both have been spotted without wedding rings lately. Amira Pocher said in the podcast: “I’m currently doing a lot of sport. The ring is in the gym”. Oliver Pocher DJed on July 23 at the Parookaville Festival in Weeze – also without a wedding ring, according to ProSieben.

Sources: RTL, Gala, ProSieben, MDR