Marie-Luise Marjan (82) has not yet finished with love. The star from “Lindenstraße” revealed this to the magazine “Bunte”.

Hopefully, when her “Mr. Right” comes back, she’ll recognize him. “I’m far from done,” she said. If the actress would inspire someone and vice versa, then she would be happy and get in touch with him. “An erotic kiss is daydreaming for me at the moment,” said the star. She is not currently looking, but colleagues like to kiss her on the cheek.

After moving from Cologne to Bonn, she first had to concentrate on herself. “And I have many friendships from all generations,” said Marjan. “They are more important than love, which can pass”.

The 83-year-old was not always alone. Her longtime friend Bodo died two years ago after a heart attack. Although he lived in Hamburg, the two talked on the phone every day. “During the holidays we were very close and an exciting couple,” she said. Nevertheless, it was normal for physical attraction to change after 30 years. To this day, she can still hear him share their passion: he gives the actress tips when cooking.