Margaret Qualley (29) will apparently not play Amanda Knox (36) after all. According to Deadline, the actress has left Hulu’s as yet untitled miniseries about the well-known justice victim. Apparently Margaret Qualley is having scheduling problems.

Amanda Knox gained notoriety through her connection to the murder case of Meredith Kercher, who lived with her in Perugia, Italy. The American was imprisoned in 2007 and sentenced to 26 years in prison for the crime in 2009. After a lengthy legal battle, the verdict was later overturned and Knox was eventually acquitted in 2015. She spent a total of four years in prison in Italy.

The planned series about Amanda Knox from author KJ Steinberg (“This Is Us”) was officially greenlit last month. Knox himself is producing the Hulu project together with Monica Lewinsky (50), as “Entertainment Weekly” reports. According to Deadline, the lead role that was intended for Margaret Qualley will now be recast. The latest development will not impact production plans as filming for the eight-episode series is not scheduled to begin until October, it said. The miniseries aims to chronicle the years it took for Knox to get released.

Knox’s story was told in the 2016 documentary “Amanda Knox.” She also inspired the psychological thriller “The Eyes of the Angel” from 2014 with Kate Beckinsale (50) and Daniel Brühl (45) in the main roles, as well as the thriller “Stillwater – Against All Suspicion” from 2021 with Matt Damon (53) and Abigail Breslin ( 28).

Knox harshly criticized “Stillwater” on social media shortly after its release. Tom McCarthy’s (57) fictionalized version of her was “just the conspiracy journalists’ version,” wrote Knox. The filmmaker reinforces the image of her “as a guilty and untrustworthy person.”