It is somewhat surprising that so many people still buy “real” reading material despite increasing digitalization. On the other hand, it is also a good sign that so many readers still appreciate a good book. For this reason, you can now also find those who ordered the stern print editions, which are published every Thursday, online. Here are the fiction and nonfiction bestsellers from March 2024.

The eggplant is a vegetable that boasts shape and color, but doesn’t have much to offer in terms of taste. As a hobby cook, you have to use the entire spice rack to get the most out of the watery fibers. Crime writer Ingrid Noll has biographical reasons for feeling close to purple vegetables. The 88-year-old was born in Shanghai and the family garden grew: eggplants. She once wanted a dish made from them for her birthday. The Chinese chef salted, breaded and fried. Noll thought it was delicious. And, many years later, she named a vegetarian restaurant after the subtropical nightshade plant in her current novel. Taste test passed! The book is available here.

First Hahne miracle: He has been writing like an old white man for so long that one has to assume that he was born as such. Hahne miracle two: There are still people stupid enough to buy his books. By now everyone should know that such nonsense can be thrown at you for free on any AfD backbencher’s Tiktok channel. Third Hahne miracle: Someone who has praised classical virtues for so long is still cowardly acting out when it comes to his proximity to the AfD. Instead of having the courage to openly admit that for years he has been abusing the reflection of his reputation as a public news uncle to push the misanthropic ideology of right-wing populists into the middle of society. The book is available here.

Paluten, Klaas Kern (Community Editions) “Paluten” is a Gaga gamer on YouTube with a following of 5.26 million. Fans love watching him play video games and frantically comment. Even if it’s hard for outsiders to believe: the man is a brand. In his webshop you can buy clothes with his logo, a thermos bottle called “Flaschi”, plush cubes. The 36-year-old from Hamburg, whose real name is Patrick Mayer, is also an author of young adult books. “The Knights of the Schmafelrunde” is the eighth volume in a series in which he and his curly-tailed mascot go on adventures. It immediately went to number 1 this week. But the best thing about it is: It has no sound. The book is available here.

Not a new diagnosis, but unfortunately still true: We are experiencing a multitude of crises. Wars, inflation, climate catastrophe – the list is long. How do we stay mentally healthy when the world demands so much of us? The neuromedical scientist and author of this guide is dedicated to this question. His goal: to strengthen our “mental immune system”. For less stress and more ease. Specifically, Volker Busch is concerned with how we stop brooding, how we can switch off better, and develop confidence and humor. Even if the world offers few reasons to laugh. In five chapters, the author combines neuroscientific studies, therapeutic experience and practical exercises to imitate. Well then, good recovery! The book is available here.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Kiepenheuer

Do you know Rosalind Franklin? No? She answered one of the biggest questions in science: As a biochemist, she discovered what the carrier of our genetic information looks like. She concluded that the structure of DNA must be a double helix – a groundbreaking finding. But the Nobel Prize for this did not go to her, but to three men. This makes Rosalind Franklin one of many pioneers who have been erased from history. Whose services were stolen by men. The author and historian Leonie Schöler tells about all of these women. So that they finally get the applause they deserve. Cheers! The book is available here.

Jussi Adler-Olsen (dtv) The Special Department Q at the Copenhagen Police. Carl Mørck is a special investigator there, Hafez el-Assad is his assistant. The two have a new case. It is her tenth and the last in the thriller series. The Danish crime writer Jussi Adler-Olsen has been publishing his series since 2007. It all started over 15 years ago when the misanthrope Mørck was involuntarily transferred – and ended up in the basement office of Special Department Q. Since then, the investigative duo has been solving dark cold cases. Now, in the final case, Mørck is caught up in his own past: the investigator himself becomes the accused. Is Mørck the perpetrator or the victim? The book is available here.

Wittstock has brought together many sources and tells a multifaceted story about the migrant scene in occupied France. After the Wehrmacht overran the country, many exiled intellectuals were threatened with arrest by the Gestapo. The American Varian Fry traveled to Marseille to help as many as possible escape to the USA. This book is encouraging. Because it shows many brave people who don’t give up, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. Favorite character: Resistance fighter Lisa Fittko, who with her husband not only helps the thinker Walter Benjamin across the French-Spanish border, but also many others. You’ll want to read her memoirs “My Way Across the Pyrenees” straight away. The book is available here.

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