The focus of the new legal series “Mandat für Mai” (ZDF) is lawyer Maria “Mai” Gardner (Julia Hartmann, 38), who moved from the big city of Berlin to the remote Vogtland. She now takes care of legal disputes in the border area of ​​Franconia, Saxony, Thuringia and Bohemia. At the same time, she is renovating a house for herself and her 15-year-old son Kaleb (Jashan Gupta, 19). And she learns to shoot from forester Urs (Moritz Otto, born 1988). The reason why she fled her old life is less idyllic. Life partner Bo (Kai Schumann, 47) was violent… The six episodes can be seen in double episodes from March 21st, Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. For a few days now, all episodes have also been available in the ARD/ZDF media library.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, actress Julia Hartmann reveals a few parallels between her role’s life and her own. She also explains why she won’t watch the first episode of “Mandate for May” on television. And she gives a Vogtland excursion tip.

Julia Hartmann: What’s special for me is that Mai is a modern heroine and we tell big social issues without the moral finger. I try to judge the character as little as possible and approach people with a lot of empathy. The ensemble around Mai is wonderful and the characters are told throughout all six episodes.

Hartmann: Mai carries many wounds and is very reflective. It has rough edges, is clear, open, profound and has humor.

Hartmann: I made a similar move in 2022 while pregnant and moved to North Rhine-Westphalia to live with my partner. Here we live right next to the nature reserve and at the same time it is only a few minutes into the city. This is the perfect mix for me. This is of course great, especially now with children. I only have one guest room in Berlin.

Hartmann: I really like it in Vogtland. I love the nature. There is a place, a kind of viewing platform with a view of the Göltzschtal Bridge, where we also shot scenes. There is something magical about this place and the bridge.

Hartmann: Yes, I have had experience with mediation and always find it very helpful. I also work a lot in my private life with appreciative communication and family therapy.

Hartmann: I saw all the episodes before I started doing press work. On the day of the first broadcast, I will be live on radioeins in the studioeins program from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. I am really looking forward to this. Then the evening ritual begins with our son. I really enjoy breastfeeding and sleeping together in the family bed.

Hartmann: Very early on. My mom was a dancer and of course I wanted to be one too. When I was eleven, my ex-sister-in-law, the actress Carina Wiese [56, “WaPo Elbe”, editor’s note], organized an invitation for me to a casting because she thought I had so much charisma in dance performances. In the same year I starred in a ZDF film and had 15 days of shooting. Afterwards I realized: This is it!

Hartmann: My family and friends, inner work, good vegan organic food and nature.

Hartmann: I love riding my bike. Even with “Mandate for May” I always had my bike on set. I organize a bike wherever I stay for a long time. I really like yoga because it connects body and mind and I like dancing – currently always with my son in the carrier.

Hartmann: Marzipan.

Hartmann: With my family in my big brother’s country house in a very small village in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Only 20 people live there – a little like “Mandate for May”.