Blushing is in: The make-up trend “Blush Allover” conjures up a healthy blush on the face to match the spring fever that sets in with the first warm rays of sunshine. Rouge is no longer only applied to the cheeks, but also to the temples, forehead and bridge of the nose. The generously applied blush ensures a natural and radiant look.

To create the trendy make-up trend, the rouge is gently spread over the entire face with a large make-up brush. To achieve a natural look, make sure to gradually intensify the blush until the desired blush is achieved. The blush all-over effect emphasizes cheeks and facial features around the eyes in particular.

First, the skin should be cleansed and nourished with a moisturizer. This prepares the facial skin for makeup. A light foundation then ensures an even base and a beautiful complexion.

Now it’s the turn of the blush: apply the desired blush with the help of a fluffy blush brush. It is best to tap the brush briefly beforehand to remove excess product. Finally, when applying to the cheekbones, gently blend the blush further onto the temples and bridge of the nose.

Then pick up some more rouge and apply it to the forehead, starting at the temples. Make sure that the intensity is a little lower here. The blush effect should be most intense on the cheeks. A highlighter can be used to round off the look. The finish is mascara and a light shine on the lips.