Dieter Nuhr often attracts attention with provocative statements. On Wednesday evening he was more nuanced in Sandra Maischberger’s talk show, especially with regard to the arms deliveries to Ukraine. Shortly after the beginning of the war, he was still opposed to the delivery of heavy weapons.

“In the early days of the war, it was not at all clear what the goal of an intervention could be. The fear of escalation was also higher than today,” says Nuhr. He is still worried about an escalation, but he sees no alternative to the current attitude of the federal government: “Today I think the call for negotiations is completely unreal, because with whom should you negotiate?”

The cabaret artist signed the first open letter in “Emma”, addressed to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in April 2022. There it said, among other things, that the delivery of heavy weapons could make Germany itself a party to the war, and that “even justified resistance against an aggressor” would at some point be disproportionate to the “level of destruction and human suffering among the Ukrainian civilian population”. At that time, Nuhr was one of the 26 first signatories.

He no longer signed the “Manifesto for Peace” by Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht in February 2023. In the early days of the war, no one could have imagined that it would be possible to defeat the Russian army. “I see things differently after a year,” said the cabaret artist at Maischberger.

Nevertheless, Dieter Nuhr is also critical of the Green Party, although he himself was once one of the founding members. He now considers the Greens “the worst bourgeois of all” and criticizes a “patriarchal culture of prohibition” that he finds repugnant. Nuhr had also been criticized in the past for his statements about the climate crisis. He also criticized that on Wednesday at Maischberger: “The way in which different opinions were dealt with gave me a bad feeling.”

Sources: ARD