With his height of almost 1.93 and above all thanks to his considerable mustache, it was almost inevitable for Tom Selleck (79) to become a prime example of robust masculinity in the 80s. It hasn’t been a year and the star of the TV series “Magnum” is already turning 80 – even if you can’t tell by looking at him. In an interview with “People” magazine, Selleck reflected on his life and, as in his new autobiography “You Never Know”, came to the conclusion that he was quite a lucky guy in all important areas.

Although he had to go through some depths in his 79 years on earth, overall he was “very favored” by fate. “I didn’t have to fight back and I didn’t have a tragic life.”

It became clear early on that Fortune, Goddess Fortuna, seemed to like his mustache: the giant got to the University of Southern California thanks to a basketball scholarship – and to Hollywood even more easily: “It’s really the story of an accidental career. I’ve never had one I took an acting course. I had no training, no intention.” His first job as an actor was in a Pepsi commercial as a basketball player, followed by appearances in western films and various TV shows.

In the 80s, Selleck finally celebrated his worldwide breakthrough thanks to the cult series “Magnum”. Although people around him always assumed that he really wanted to be a star, that was never true: “I’ve never talked like that in my life. I just wanted to find a job and work. “

In 1980 Selleck became “Magnum”, and about three years later he became the happiest man in the world: in London he met his great love, Jillie; They married in 1987 and their daughter Hannah was born a year later. Although Selleck was previously married from 1971 to 1982, he found the woman for life in his Jillie, with whom he has now been together for over 40 years.

Success in acting and love? No wonder Tom Selleck can look back on his life so far with satisfaction: “I’ve had a very good life, a very happy life.” One that he appreciates every day – and hopefully will be able to do so for a long time to come.