Mads Mikkelsen (58, “Indiana Jones”) played the villain in “James Bond 007: Casino Royale” (2006). But things could have turned out very differently for the Danish Hollywood star because he forgot the script for the film on a plane. He told this incredible story to the astonished audience at the Zurich Film Festival (September 28th – October 8th).

‘Casino Royale’ was the first screenplay with my name on every single page. That also means that if you lose it, it’s your own fault. I got on a plane, started reading it and fell asleep. Then I got out and “I just left it there,” he said at the event, according to Variety.

The film star also revealed why it didn’t cost him his commitment and perhaps even more: “I was lucky that a cleaner threw it away and didn’t know what it was. That could have been the end of my career at that moment,” Mikkelsen admitted.

In Martin Campbell’s (79) hit film from 2006, in which Daniel Craig (55) made his debut as 007, Mikkelsen embodied Le Chiffre. “The ‘cleverest’ Bond villain? He lost $100 million to a man who couldn’t play poker. Not that smart,” the actor commented on his role in Switzerland.

He also said: “I had never seen a Bond film up until that point and of course I lied. I only knew that guy with the metal teeth [Jaws, ed.]. I didn’t realize how big he was until we which premiered in London and had to meet the Queen – or she had to meet us.” “Jaws” is the nickname of a Bond villain assistant in the films “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977) and “Moonraker” (1979). He was portrayed by the 2.18 meter tall actor Richard Kiel (1939-2014).

Mikkelsen has now seen almost all of the Bond films. “I saw the films with Daniel Craig. [Back then] he was the new Bond and everything about him was ‘wrong’. His height, his nose, his hair. I think he was happy that I was also from indie films “He had a partner in crime in me,” said the Dane.

However, he would never play Bond himself, not even with the “fantastic” Christopher Nolan (53) at the helm. “If they had a problem with Daniel’s nose, I’m sure they would also have a problem with my accent,” guessed the successful actor.