On October 5th, the third season of “Lupin”, called part three, will be released on Netflix. The French crook series with “Pretty Best Friends” star Omar Sy (45) in the lead role caused a sensation on the US streaming service in 2021 – and became the most-watched non-English-language show on Netflix at the time.

In the new episodes, the master thief Assane Diop, played by Sy, has to deal with a mysterious blackmailer who forces him to undertake his most daring heist yet. Once again, “Lupin” offers smart entertainment, a charismatic leading actor and breathtaking twists and turns.

Assane Diop has gone into hiding, but although he was able to escape the police, the media and law enforcement authorities do not give his family, consisting of his great love Claire (Ludivine Sagnier, 44) and son Raoul (Etan Simon), any rest. Returning to Paris, France’s most wanted man is blackmailed with the help of someone from his past. He is supposed to steal the extremely valuable Black Pearl and even confidently announces his robbery to the police beforehand.

An exclusive clip released in advance by Netflix shows Assane’s breakneck escape after this theft. A long trailer also gets you in the mood for the new episodes. Will the crook once again be able to evade the authorities?

In his burglaries and thieves, master thief Assane Diop is once again inspired by the adventures of his great literary role model Arsène Lupin. The character invented by Maurice Leblanc (1864-1941) – an antagonist of Sherlock Holmes – also provides Assane with lots of imaginative and effective tricks in the new episodes to fool his opponents and persecutors.

This includes the crook’s often hilarious disguises as well as false trails on which he can repeatedly lure the police officers Youssef Guédira (Soufiane Guerrab, 36) and Sofia Belkacem (Shirine Boutella, 33). But the best thing about Assane’s raids is that the gentleman crook refrains from violence. He prefers to outwit his opponents, who are often not very squeamish and brutal, in order to elegantly checkmate them.

The smart, light-footed crime series is also carried in part three by the charismatic leading actor Omar Sy. The 45-year-old – one of France’s biggest acting stars – once again plays the immigrant child who takes on the entire state brilliantly and expressively.

In addition, the new “Lupin” season – just like the previous two editions – encourages reflection on everyday racism in modern France. However, not too much should be revealed in advance about the numerous new tricks, gimmicks and disguises that Assane uses in order to let viewers have fun discovering them for themselves. The new episodes of “Lupin” are also clearly a must for crime fans.