A striking number of work accidents occur on Tesla’s factory premises. Insiders like stern informant Tayfur report this. He claims that he still suffers from the effects of a 230-volt electric shock that he suffered while working in the factory. Tayfur also claims that his accident was probably not reported to the employers’ liability insurance association.

Who actually checks whether the jobs in the Gigafactory are safe? Does the State Office for Occupational Safety in Brandenburg even notice what informants from the factory tell us? stern reporter Tina had the authorities send her more than 2,000 pages of files. She waited almost five months for the material. When she researched she found something amazing.

At the same time, undercover reporter Kim catches the eye of her bosses. After just a week in the so-called “drive unit”, where the drive trains for the engine are produced, she is promised a crazy promotion.

More in episode 3 of the podcast “Inside Tesla – Behind the Gates of the Gigafactory”.

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