Actress Marie-Luise Marjan (“Lindenstraße”) hopes to find her great love again. “The erotic kiss is a dream for me at the moment,” said the 82-year-old to the magazine “Bunte”. “But who knows? If Mr. Right comes back, hopefully I’ll recognize him.”

The actress, who now lives in Hamburg, lost her long-term partner two years ago. “My friend Bodo, with whom I had a soul mate for 39 years, suddenly died of a heart attack,” explained Marjan. “And a month later my half-brother, whom I only met in 2007 while doing my family research. As if they had met in heaven.”

Marjan, who became known as mother Beimer in the television series “Lindenstraße”, can be seen in the ZDF film “Hanna and the Good Life” on March 26th.