Most people are familiar with the experience that not every door opens as soon as they appear somewhere. For Lourdes Leon, this experience seems to be quite new. At least the 26-year-old seemed quite perplexed when she couldn’t get past the bouncer on Thursday evening. No wonder: After all, the young woman is none other than the daughter of Madonna, after all one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

But that’s not enough to soften the heart of the bouncer guarding the entrance to New York Fashion Week that night. Lourdes actually wanted to visit star designer Marc Jacobs’ fashion show. But a TikTok video shows her asking for admission in vain.

There is a reason why she cannot get past security: the celebrity daughter is not punctual. The fashion show started a minute ago, she is told. Although bystanders will alert the bouncer to who he is dealing with and “Let ’em in! Let ’em in!” chant, this remains hard. It dawns on the young American at some point. Some bystanders even threatened the bouncers, shouting, “Someone is going to lose their job.” That didn’t change anything either.

Lourdes Leon is the daughter of Madonna and Cuban dancer and fitness trainer Carlos León. She herself has not yet embarked on a clear career path, last year she admitted in an interview that she had “no specific career goal”. She likes to model and dance. She didn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she said at the time: “As far as music is concerned – I can sing. It just doesn’t interest me. Maybe that touches a sensitive nerve with me too.” Nevertheless, she released her first single in August 2022.