Maintaining weight while on vacation is difficult for many. After all, the time-out should be there to relax and enjoy. So if you come back with a few extra pounds on your hips, you should stay relaxed for now. Because with small changes you return step by step to your everyday routine without trying the next crash diet with the subsequent yo-yo effect.

If you don’t immediately find the motivation for your own fitness program after the holiday, you can start with long walks and work your way up to a short jog through the forest. It’s best in pairs or even in a group, so you can encourage each other.

It is advisable to include a portion of fruit or vegetables with every meal. The cheese roll in the morning can also be replaced entirely with bananas, peaches, apples and a portion of quark with honey and nuts. That fills you up longer anyway. Lunch might be a salad or a wrap. Cut vegetable snippets with some herbal quark or spicy hummus always go well with dinner. Protein and fiber-rich dishes are usually healthier, have fewer calories and fill you up for longer.

Temporarily giving up alcoholic beverages and sweets can help you get back into your routine more quickly. But you don’t have to stick to it for several months. A few weeks can be enough. After a short break, cocktails, wine and chocolate taste much better anyway.

… mostly water. If you do without sweetened lemonades and fruit juices, you automatically consume far fewer calories. It also curbs the appetite for snacks and sweets. If you still get cravings, you can also rely on the good old apple, a few carrots or a smoothie.

By the way: All of the points mentioned are by no means tips that should only be heeded temporarily. A healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise are always important to maintain weight and stimulate metabolism.