Lord Of The Lost will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. The rock band won the German ESC preliminary round on March 3 with the song “Blood

In addition, Lord Of The Lost thanks everyone who made the show possible, including their crew, NDR and ARD. The preliminary decision “Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Our song for Liverpool” was shown on Friday, among other things, in the first.

Last but not least, her “greatest respect, thanks and love” went to the other participants in the preliminary round, including party hit star Ikke Hipgold (46) and musician Will Church, who completed the podium. The band Frida Gold could not compete due to illness of their singer Alina Süggeler (37).

Hip gold also thanks the audience. In an Instagram story he writes: “Thank you so much for your insane support!!!” They have “shown once again how loud and strong the German party hit is!”

As one of the “Big Five”, alongside France, Spain, Italy and Great Britain, Germany is taking part directly in the final of the ESC 2023, which will take place in Liverpool on May 13. The host country is also automatically included – in this case Ukraine, even though Liverpool have taken over the staging. The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won in 2022, but the event was moved to Great Britain due to planning uncertainty and security concerns due to the war in Ukraine. The semi-finals will be played on May 9th and May 11th.