Two troublemakers briefly crashed the “stern TV” show on RTL on Wednesday evening. Moderator Steffen Hallaschka was interviewing jungle queen Djamila Row when suddenly a man stormed onto the stage. He tapped Hallaschka on the shoulder and tried to engage him in conversation.

The man is not easy to understand, but he seems to be talking completely incoherently about the fact that wrestling is fake. The surprised Hallaschka reacted quickly: “You want to disrupt the program here and just place a message?” the moderator asks back. “I would recommend you to just sit down again. That’s a good application for the jungle and then when you come back we’ll talk about anything you think is important.”

Then a security guard leads the uninvited guest off the stage. But that’s not enough of the interruption. As soon as the first troublemaker has left, a second man runs in front of the camera to also babble something to himself. After a few seconds, troublemaker number two is out of the picture again. The two men did not appear aggressive, what the purpose of the performance was supposed to be, but remains a mystery.

Studio guest Djamila Rowe follows the whole incident completely unmoved. “Look, dear Djamila, that’s what’s going on when the jungle queen comes. Everyone thinks they can get a bit of her majesty’s glamor,” says Hallaschka. Then the moderator, who has just extended his contract with “stern TV”, will have the studio back for himself and his interview. Djamila Rowe prevailed on Sunday evening in the final of the 16th edition of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” and won the title of Queen of the Jungle.