The supermodel icon of the 1990s, Linda Evangelista (58), disappeared from public view for years after a failed beauty treatment. Now she can be seen again on the cover of British “Vogue” for the first time and is the face of the September issue. In it she speaks openly about personal experiences with beauty treatments.

The US photographer Steven Meisel (69) perfectly staged the model for the cover of the renowned magazine. The cover photo shows Evangelista in a striking all-red outfit. The cover is also underlined by a strong statement: “I try to love myself the way I am.”

In this context, Evangelista also speaks openly about her personal experiences with beauty treatments. She herself describes her ordeal with a problematic CoolSculpting treatment, through which she sees herself as “brutally disfigured”.

Before revealing the CoolSculpting debacle, the model is said to have informed her fashion friends and colleagues from the industry. “I couldn’t go on living like this anymore,” says the 58-year-old, who apparently no longer wanted to hide. Linda is photographed in the September issue together with other top models of her time such as Cindy Crawford (57), Christy Turlington (54) and Naomi Campbell (53).

Despite apparent ambivalence about her wrinkles, the fashion icon says she has nothing against aging and recognizes where she wants to be – in a long and fulfilling life. However, Evangelista admits to living a certain double standard in this regard: “I want wrinkles – but I botox my forehead. So I’m a hypocrite – but I still want to grow old.”

After five years away from the public eye, the model is back on a cover today with renewed confidence. In the 1980s and 1990s, she became a supermodel alongside German model icons Claudia Schiffer (52) and Nadja Auermann (52). Designers and stylists gave her the nickname “the chameleon” because of her constantly changing hair color and a reputed changeability.