Just one day before the next show it was announced that Tony Bauer (28) was surprisingly leaving “Let’s Dance”. “Unfortunately, Tony Bauer has to leave “Let’s Dance” for health reasons,” reports RTL on the show’s Instagram channel. “From now on, Tony will no longer take part in the competition for the title ‘Dancing Star 2024’ with his dance partner Anastasia Stan”, but as a farewell he will dance his “Magic Moment” out of competition in show nine. “We will miss you, but health always comes first,” the station says goodbye.

In a short video, which was also shared on the channel, the comedian explains how this happened. Unfortunately, he had to end his “adventure here on ‘Let’s Dance’ early,” confirms Bauer. He can no longer cover the energy he needs for training “and so that some shit doesn’t happen in the future, I just have to listen to my body and say: ‘Hey, unfortunately it can’t go any further.'” Bauer suffers on short bowel syndrome. His small intestine was removed when he was a child, so he is fed with astronaut food through an implant in his chest.

“I’m incredibly sorry, but unfortunately I have to end my wonderful ‘Let’s Dance’ journey early,” RTL also quoted a statement from Bauer in a press release. “But the energy, vitamins, nutrients and minerals that I now need for complete dance training can no longer be covered by parenteral nutrition alone. Others can eat to compensate for the energy deficit, but unfortunately I cannot! I have to take the strain turn off!” He is forced to listen to his body in order to rule out any permanent danger.

The influencer Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24), who was actually eliminated, is instead returning to the competition with her professional dance partner Valentin Lusin (37). She also said on Instagram that she got the call and was shocked and overwhelmed. On the one hand, Bendixen doesn’t know how she’s going to make up for the training deficit in such a short time. “I’m in complete shock,” she says in one story. She doesn’t know how she can remember two dances for the show in such a short time. Bendixen is “completely overwhelmed” and knows “that tomorrow will probably just be a laughing stock.” But she wants to keep fighting.

On the other hand, she has no words for Bauer’s exit. It “just hurts her soul” that he is now out. The comedian is a kind-hearted person and she would have granted him a place in the final or even a victory.

Bendixen, also known under the pseudonym “Monkey on Bike,” was eliminated from the show last week. She received a lot of hate online during her participation. In an interview with the broadcaster, she explained, among other things: “I don’t understand why people write such nasty things. You’re welcome to criticize, […] but this approach to character and this putting down” hits her. In a story after her original exit, she thanked the fans for their support and for making it this far on the show despite all the hate. She explained that it was “a liberating feeling to know” that this hatred would now stop.

With the news of her return, the influencer has already received such hate comments again, as she continues to report on the social media platform. “And for the comments that are of course reaching you again: just be ashamed of yourself,” says the 24-year-old. “Do you think I choose this? If there’s one thing I could wish for, it’s for Tony to stay in and I just stay out.” She will put everything into training and she “simply can’t take such low-level shit” seriously anymore.

The next edition of “Let’s Dance” will be shown on RTL (also on RTL) on May 3rd from 8:15 p.m.