Tomorrow, Friday (March 22nd), it’s that time again: the fourth edition of the popular dance show “Let’s Dance” will be broadcast live on RTL from 8:15 p.m. However, this will take place without last year’s winner Valentin Lusin (37), as the broadcaster more or less surprisingly announced on Thursday afternoon.

“We have an update for you: Valentin will not be able to be part of Show 4 as he is staying with his wife Renata,” says the Instagram post on the dance show’s channel. This probably means that she is on the way to giving birth to their little daughter. Before the start of the current season, the heavily pregnant Renata Lusin (36) and her husband had already announced that he would be present at the birth if possible.

And what’s next for Lusin’s dance partner Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24)? There is also information about this from the production: “Ann-Kathrin Bendixen is of course not dancing alone, but with Mika Tatarkin, who is returning as a replacement! Mika was already there during the two’s training and is well prepared,” it says in the post and further addressed to the replacement professional and the parents-to-be: “We are happy that you are back on the dance floor, dear Mika and wish Renata

There was already softer news on a topic that was also emotional on Thursday morning, as the dances of the celebrity-professional pairings are traditionally announced the day before the evening show. And this time it’s fitness influencer Sophie Thiel (29) and choreographer, fitness trainer and motivational coach Detlef Soost (53) with the soulful Contemporary, as the station announced on Thursday.

Attentive followers may already be able to guess what feelings the two celebrities will have. But it is not yet certain. The Bavarian and the Berliner have already allowed themselves to look into their souls a little bit beforehand.

“I’m very proud of our end result and it’s so much fun to go on this awesome, unforgettable trip together,” enthuses the 29-year-old Thiel. She performs with her dance professional Alexandru Ionel (29) to “Torna a Casa” by the Italian band Måneskin.

And Detlef Soost and record professional Ekaterina “Ekat” Leonova (36) are also in good spirits that they will get through well with their contemporary to “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla and Luciano Pavarotti. Even though he admits in the two’s Instagram stories: “It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Last night I ate frustration pizza because I thought I’d never get it done… and today it’s better.” In summary, he adds: “It’s really an awesome journey.” And the strict Ekat adds: “We work very well as a team.”