“Let’s Dance” becomes “Let’s Discofox” again. In the seventh show (April 19, 8:15 p.m. on RTL or on RTL ), the remaining nine dance couples compete again to the rhythm of the popular party dance. In the traditional Discofox marathon, they’re not just looking for their Discofox master. According to the motto “Fox or fly”, at the end of the show the two couples definitely say: “You’ve danced it out.”

After the exciting partner swap in the last edition, today all the celebrities find themselves back in the arms of their usual dance partners. Before the Fox round begins, the nine pairs perform spectacular individual dances on the dance floor.

All “Let’s Dance” fans can look forward to, for example, the emotional contemporaries by Tony Bauer (28) and Anastasia Stan (26) or Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) and Valentin Lusin (37). Detlef D! Soost (53) and Ekaterina Leonova (36), on the other hand, are waiting with a rumba, while Gabriel Kelly (22) and Malika Dzumaev (33) are likely to fight for victory again with their samba.

In the subsequent dance marathon, creativity and perseverance are required above all to the catchy and rousing Discofox rhythms. Round after round it is important to convince the jury and not be sorted out prematurely. The couples duel with glowing soles for the official title of “Let’s Dance” Discofox champion.

But they also know: Since no one had to leave last week, the exciting “Let’s Dance” journey is over for two couples today. Only actor and singer Mark Keller (58) can look forward to today’s competition in a relaxed manner. Thanks to his win last week, he is saved today. For all other celebrities and couples today it’s time to give everything and let the fire go with the “One-two-tap-one-two-tap!”