The second regular dance show from “Let’s Dance” (also on RTL) was on Friday evening under the motto “Born in”. The 13 celebrities who wanted to dance presented dances with songs from their birth years. Two candidates in particular caused a surprise. “Knossi” (36) not only enchanted Jorge González (55) with his dance number, and Younes Zarou (25) gave a deep insight into his emotional life.

Julia Beautx (23) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35) started with a cha-cha-cha. Musically, it went back to the year the actress was born in 1999. The hot rhythms were provided by the song “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez. “You really danced with Lebensfreunde. And your hips, olola…”, Jorge González was enthusiastic. The spark even jumped over to Joachim Llambi (58). “There was no drop in performance. It was a very decent cha-cha-cha,” said the juror in praise and a total of 22 points.

Training with Malika Dzumaev (32) for her rumba was a great challenge for Younes Zarou. The content creator did not feel very comfortable with the physical proximity. Even the tip from his dance partner to show emotions didn’t help him much. “For us, showing feelings was a sign of weakness,” revealed the 25-year-old. He can’t open up well, which is also one of the reasons why he’s never had a girlfriend. Motsi Mabuse (41) was happy about his significant improvement over the last show. Joachim Llambi also recognized this, but the juror wanted even more passion and better foot and hip work. There were 16 points for this dance.

“Let’s Dance” reveals a whole new side to many a celebrity. As with Jens Knossalla, who became a seducer. In the “Top Gun” pilot outfit, the entertainer and his dance partner Isabel Edvadsson (40) swept across the floor in the best Tom Cruise manner with a swinging jive. “Oxygen tent,” the 36-year-old gasped afterwards. “We saw that you can achieve something with a lot of will,” Motsi Mabuse was impressed by the dance performance. “It’s that look,” Jorge noted, another change. “I really liked it,” said juror Llambi, who gave 6 points for Knossi’s performance. That made a total of 20 deserved points. Irrespective of the rating, the non-sports person was happy about the falling pounds and recommended all men to take a dance class.

For Sharon Battiste (31), preparation for the show went differently than planned. Her dance partner Christian Polanc (44) failed because of a painful inflammation in her foot. In his place, Alexandru Ionel (28) could step in, who left the dance show last week with “GNTM” winner Alexander Mariah Peter (25). A big challenge, because there was little time for joint dance lessons. And then the two should also present a contemporary. A very emotional dance in which trust is also required for the lifting figures. Nevertheless, the result was impressive and gave Sharon Battiste 25 points.

Anna Ermakova (22) and Valentin Lusin (36) achieved the highest score last week with 25. Did that happen this time too with her Cha-Cha-Cha to “Music” by Madonna? Quite easy, because there were 29. “I’ve never seen such beautiful footwork on ‘Let’s Dance’,” said Motsi Mabuse.

Anna Ermakova shared first place with professional gymnast Philipp Boy (35), who also received 29 points.

Abdelkarim (41) just got a point from Joachim Llambi last week, but the comedian was also able to improve his performance. “I’ve seen a lot worse on ‘Let’s Dance’,” was a hidden compliment from Motsi Mabuse for Abdelkarim’s Slowfox. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for the 41-year-old and Abdelkarim had to leave the dance show.