Sharon Battiste (31) previously danced with professional dancer Christian Polanc (44) across the floor in “Let’s Dance” – but now the ex-Bachelorette has to change. Your partner fails for the episode on Friday, as RTL reports.

Polanc has had a painful inflammation in his foot since the second show. But a replacement is already available: Alexandru Ionel (28), who had to leave the show on the first show, is already training with the 31-year-old. Ionel was eliminated from the competition last Friday with model Alex Mariah Peter (25).

Battiste also shared the news in her Instagram story with praying hands and a heart. Battiste and Ionel are now faced with the challenge of preparing for the first contemporary dance of the season in a few training hours together. The professional dancer is optimistic: “I really hope that it will be great in the few hours we have.”

The motto of the second decision show is “Born in”: Each couple dances to a song from the year the celebrity was born. With Battiste and Ionel, the “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M. Polanc keeps his fingers crossed for the two from home and hopes to be fit again next week.