In the case of Northern Ireland’s Shelby Lynn, who made serious allegations after a Rammstein concert in Vilnius, Lithuania, there are new findings. In a press release, the lawyers for frontman Till Lindemann (60) announced: “In order to further clarify Ms. Lynn’s allegations, we have initiated our own investigations for our client.”

For this purpose, the bruise images and video recordings that Lynn published on social media immediately after the concert were submitted to the Institute for Forensic Medicine at the University Hospital in Cologne. The goal: “In particular, it should be assessed whether the injuries could be attributed to physical abuse.”

The report, prepared by Prof. Dr. Markus Rothschild, the director of the institute, suggests that “an accident without external influence is the most likely cause” for the injuries seen in the pictures. Although an external influence is not “completely ruled out”, the “findings from a forensic point of view” are not “typical for external influence”.

Rothschild comes to a similar conclusion with regard to the allegation of sexualized violence, for which there is “in particular no evidence” in the “documented injuries” of the witness. “Although here, too, sexual coercion or rape cannot be ruled out solely on the basis of the injury findings. On the other hand, there were also no indications of sexualized violence.”

A few days ago, the Vilnius public prosecutor’s office confirmed the decision of the Lithuanian police not to initiate investigations against Till Lindemann. According to the press release of June 23, this decision was made “after proper investigation and evaluation of the data obtained to clarify the circumstances of the incident”. “The decision to refuse to initiate a pre-trial investigation into the facts of the matter was made on the conclusion that there was no conduct at the time of the offense that contained the elements of a criminal offense or misdemeanour.”