In a legal dispute with the British Home Office, Prince Harry claimed that his children were not adequately protected in Great Britain.

His lawyer made a statement to this effect in court in London, the PA news agency reported. In it, Harry said that the United Kingdom was his home. He wanted his children to feel just as at home there as they did in the USA, where they currently lived. “This cannot happen if it is not possible to protect them when they are on British soil.”

The hearing began on Tuesday. At the heart of it is whether Harry is entitled to the same security precautions as the rest of the royal family when he travels to his old homeland. The 39-year-old did not personally attend the court hearing. Harry is the younger son of King Charles III.

Negotiation behind closed doors

Harry’s lawyer had accused the responsible committee of making its decision to grant the fifth in line to the British throne less protection based on an inadequate security analysis. However, the Home Office representative emphasized that Harry was receiving tailor-made arrangements. Much of the trial took place behind closed doors because confidential information was discussed. A decision is not expected until a later date.

Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan withdrew from the British royal family. One reason was the way the tabloid press treated Meghan. According to PA, Harry’s statement said he couldn’t put his wife in danger. His lawyer also emphasized that Harry does not accept that it was his choice to no longer be a full-time working member of the royal family. They regretted that he and his wife had been forced to step down from the task, PA reported.

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