It is truly a highlight that Lego officially presented just under six weeks before Christmas. And that initially has nothing to do with the quality and the building fun. With a height of 1.49 meters, the new Lego Eiffel Tower sets new standards simply because of its size. Here even a medium-sized adult has to stretch if he wants to put the mini tricolore on top of the Parisian symbol as the crowning glory. The original, completed in 1889 in the French capital and 330 meters high, has been doing very well topless for a long time. But only marginally.

The set with the number 10307 is not only the highest, but also the most part that Lego has launched on the market since it was founded 90 years ago. 10,000 and one stone must be used for the finished model. That’s almost 1000 parts more than the Colosseum, which was presented in November 2019 (and built by stern in one night). The two tourist magnets are only surpassed by the Lego world map, which was released in summer 2021 but consists largely of mini round tiles.

This isn’t the first time Lego has attempted one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. In 2014, a comparatively tiny set of 321 pieces was launched in the Architecture series. The “Iron Lady” in the Paris skyline, which has been on sale since 2018, is shown a little smaller and purist. Other terminal block manufacturers have also tried their hand at the Eiffel Tower. From Happy Build there is a model with about 1200 parts on the market. Wange has also designed a replica of the iron colossus and offers a set that is about 67 centimeters high.

If you want to build the Lego giant out of mostly dark gray plastic bricks and put it in your apartment, you first need two things: Depending on your experience, you need between 12 and 20 hours to build and a lot of space. Because the platform alone on which the model stands is 57 by 57 centimeters long and wide. There is also a massive box with dozens of numbered plastic bags. Incidentally, Lego is also advancing in terms of price in record-breaking dimensions. For the 10,001 parts, the Danes call for a proud list price of just under 630 euros. In the currency of Lego fans, this corresponds to a part price of around 6.3 cents.

The set will initially be available exclusively in Lego stores and the Lego online shop from November 25, 2022.

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