At first glance, DIY macrame crafts look complicated. But there are only a few basic knots that you have to learn in order to master the knotting technique from the Orient. Before you start your macrame project, we recommend a basic course in knotting the various knots. The start requires a little patience, but you can then try out the techniques you have learned directly on your first DIY project. What you want to make is up to you, because with the macrame technique you can make a wide variety of things yourself. You can find out here which materials you need for this and which knots are available.

If you want to start macrame knotting, you should learn the basic knots. Once you have learned the knotting technique, you can make things like bracelets, cushion covers, placemats, hanging baskets or tapestries yourself. You should know these basic knot types:

You can learn all knots for free using YouTube videos. If you don’t need visual support in the form of a video, you can also use macramé books. You will also receive professional support for your first macrame DIY projects in numerous workshops where you can learn the macrame technique. For example, here you will find a video with instructions for a macrame hanging basket.

You only need a few things to get started with your first macrame project. You can buy the material in a hardware store, craft store or online, for example. The right macrame yarn is particularly important. It is best to use twisted yarn, it is easy to work with and cheap. Depending on the DIY project, you can choose between different yarn sizes. For example, a thinner thread may be suitable for small accessories such as key rings and a thicker thread for a hanging basket. As a rule, the thicker the yarn, the coarser the project will appear. Of course, the yarn used does not always have to be white, there are numerous colors that you can mix with each other.

It is also important to have sharp scissors to cut the yarn to the right length. A tape measure or a ruler can help to work accurately. Not only macrame yarn is often used, but also various wooden beads or rings.

Macrame (Spanish Macramé) describes a knotting technique that originally comes from the Orient. It is mainly used in the manufacture of jewelry and textiles. In the meantime, people around the world like to make their own knots and DIY macrame projects are very popular. Knot art as a tapestry or hanging basket is particularly popular and well-known. Macrame was last popular in Germany in the 1970s, today the knotting technique is celebrating a comeback.

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