Natalia Yegorova (49) and Vitali Klitschko (52) have officially not been a couple for a year. Only a few months after the outbreak of the Ukraine war, the prominent couple announced their separation. After more than 25 years of marriage, they had filed for divorce by mutual consent. The two had previously separated physically for a long time: ex-boxing professional Vitali went about his duties as mayor of Kiev, Natalia stayed in with the children Yegor-Daniel (23), Elizabeth-Victoria (20) and Max (18). Hamburg.

In an interview with “Bild”, the former model reported on his new life after the breakup and son Max’s sporting ambitions. At the first time after the outbreak of the war, she said there: “When the war broke out, we were in the middle of one Nightmare. I had to comfort the children, we were afraid for Vitali, my parents and relatives. That was terrible. I’ve never cried so much and been so scared in my life. We had to learn to live with the war.”

She is very closely connected to her children, and the relationship between the siblings is also very harmonious. “I love being a mommy or mamulitchka,” she revealed. “My children kiss and hug me a hundred times a day when they are with me.” To do this, they always have to bend down a good bit towards her, because in contrast to her 1.75 meter mother, the eldest son Yegor measures 2 meters and the junior Max even 2.16 meters.

As she reports in the interview, Max does not plan to follow in his boxing father’s footsteps, but he is also aiming for a sporting career. “He wants to study in America and become a professional basketball player,” said Natalia. And added: “Dirk Nowitzki is his hero.”

She also gave the newspaper an update on her relationship with her ex-husband: “There are no conflicts between me and my ex-husband, no more allegations. We have clarified everything. There is only peace, love and a very big wish, that the other is fine.”

In addition to her family, Natalia is currently trying to make life a little easier for her war-torn compatriots in exile. As a voluntary foundation ambassador for the “Tribute To Bambi Foundation”, the musician puts her heart and soul into helping refugee families and is involved in the “Yoga for Ukraine” project, which offers free courses and training for those affected.