In her 50s, Leah Remini (53) decided to go to school or university again. The “King of Queens” actress is now celebrating her college graduation from New York University (NYU) with fans and followers on Instagram. She also posted a photo of her certificate and a longer explanation for her decision to study again.

“Three years ago I embarked on a terrible journey: I became a student at the age of 50,” she begins her post. These three years were characterized by “hard work, long nights, tears”. She often wanted to give up, but now she has an associate’s degree from NYU in her pocket. And that’s not all: “I’m now working on my bachelor’s degree,” announced the actress.

Remini only attended school until the 8th grade, after which she was a member of a “totalitarian sect” – Scientology – for 35 years. She had long wanted to pursue higher education, but feared “I wasn’t smart enough.” She was glad to have left Scientology after three decades, but the “brainwashing” was still “in her head.”

She also thanked her friends and family, NYU professors, and her therapist “who provided me with the support and tools that prevented me from giving up early.”

Finally, she appealed to her followers: “It is never too late to continue your education and pursue what you have always wanted to achieve!”

In August 2023, Leah Remini filed a lawsuit against the dubious organization as an ex-Scientology member. On Instagram, the actress spoke of, among other things, the “harassment, intimidation, surveillance and slander” that she had experienced from the controversial religious movement.