Harald V of Norway (85) was admitted to Oslo University Hospital. This was announced by the Norwegian royal family on Monday. The king had been diagnosed with an infection that had to be treated with antibiotics. “He will therefore remain in Rikshospitalet for a few days. The condition is stable,” the statement continues.

King Harald’s recent hospitalization is one of the monarch’s recent health problems. On November 25, 2022, he was on sick leave with a cold. Last August, the king was already treated for an infection in the hospital. In March 2022, Harald V. tested positive for the corona virus and was on sick leave.

At the end of January, Crown Prince Haakon (49) had temporarily taken over his father’s official business when he was unable to work due to cold symptoms. King Harald has been on sick leave several times in recent years, including in 2020 when he was operated on for a new heart valve.