Frederik X (55) has been officially proclaimed the new King of Denmark. A coronation ceremony with magnificent celebrations – such as in May 2023 for the British King Charles III. (75) – there was no invitation for the new Danish monarch, and no foreign heads of state or representatives of other royal families were invited. The Danish king’s new colleagues did not miss the opportunity to congratulate him on the change of throne and at the same time to pay tribute to the outgoing Queen Margrethe II (83).

A statement from Charles III on the official Instagram account of the British Royal Family said: “Their Majesties, my wife and I would like to extend our best wishes on the day of their accession to the throne of the Kingdom of Denmark. I look forward to sharing this with you “To strengthen the ongoing relationship between our two countries and families, and to work together on issues that are important to our two countries and the entire world.” Charles also paid tribute to Queen Margrethe in his statement. He looks back fondly on the numerous visits between Great Britain and Denmark. At the same time, he looks to the future: “I very much look forward to future opportunities to celebrate the close relationship that binds our countries and our families,” concludes the British monarch.

Also the Swedish King Carl XVI. Gustaf (77) sent his congratulations to Frederik: “Your Majesty, dear Frederik! As you ascend to the Danish throne today, I send you and the Danish people my congratulations and those of the Swedish people,” said the statement on Instagram. Page of the Swedish royal family. “I would also like to convey to you and Queen Mary the warmest wishes from me and my family. This day reminds us of the historic relationship, closeness and warmth that binds our two countries and families. I hope that the already very close Danish -Swedish relations will deepen even further in the coming years.”

Further congratulations come from Norway: “Dear Frederik and dear Mary, my family and I warmly congratulate you as Denmark’s new royal couple,” says a statement from King Harald V (86). “You succeed a monarch who has fulfilled her role admirably.” Queen Margrethe led her country and her people “with warmth, wisdom and dedication”. “Now you will continue the legacy and lead Denmark into a new era. I am confident that you will fulfill your new roles excellently. My family and I hope and pray that you have the strength and support you need in all your endeavors you’ll need.”

One person who should understand how Frederik feels about his new task is King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (56). In 2013, his mother also abdicated and made him the new king prematurely. “After 52 years, Denmark has a new head of state today,” says a statement from the Dutch royal family, signed by Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima (52) and Princess Beatrix (85). “It is with warmth and affection that we honor Queen Margrethe for her unconditional and remarkable commitment to Denmark.” Addressing the new royal couple, it said: “We look forward to meeting King Frederik X and Queen Mary in their new roles and will continue to value the close friendship between the Netherlands and Denmark.”

The Spanish King Felipe VI. (55) and his wife, Queen Letizia (51), sent their congratulations via Royal couple together with the new Danish royal couple and Queen Margrethe.