They are said to have become even closer since they were diagnosed with cancer at almost the same time: according to British media reports, King Charles (75) has always had a close relationship with his daughter-in-law Princess Kate (42). According to the Daily Mail, Charles is said to have played an important role in the wedding of his heir to the throne, Prince William (41), to Kate. The couple tied the knot in 2011.

Prince Charles apparently chose the wedding music for Kate and William. The current king was helped by his knowledge of classical music, as he once revealed in an interview, according to the report. Charles said: “I love organizing interesting pieces of music for special occasions, especially weddings when people want it. I know my eldest son was very understanding and was very happy that I gave him a few pieces for his wedding.” Charles added at the time that he hoped his recommendations “brought joy to some people” because he himself had enjoyed them very much.

Even before the wedding, Kate and Charles probably got along well. In her 2010 engagement interview, Kate said she “was pretty nervous” before meeting Charles for the first time. However, “it really couldn’t have been easier for me.” The heir to the throne at the time was “very, very warm and very friendly” to her. After the engagement, he said he was “thrilled” and “delighted” about the news.

Charles now supports his daughter-in-law despite his own illness. Back in January, he comforted her after her abdominal surgery – and shortly before his prostate procedure, which he had carried out at the same clinic, the Sunday Times reported. After their time together at the London Clinic, Charles “remained in close contact with his beloved daughter-in-law over the last few weeks.” So he met Kate for lunch on March 22nd – a few hours before her cancer announcement. Kate really wanted to hear his advice. A source told the British Sun that he was “very moved” by the meal together at Windsor Castle.

Charles was also one of the first to speak out after her video message with a statement: “His Majesty is so proud of Catherine for her courage to speak the way she did.” Charles made his cancer diagnosis public at the beginning of February.