Is the big tit-for-tat coming now? Despite the worldwide excitement about the Netflix documentary by Harry (38) and Meghan (41) and his younger son’s sometimes very personal autobiography, King Charles III. (74) has not yet responded publicly. But that could change now, because the monarch is said to have been offered a television interview.

As part of its coverage of the coronation on May 6, the BBC is also said to be planning a report on the king, highlighting his life and plans for the nation as monarch. One element is said to be an interview that would be conducted by veteran presenter Jonathan Dimbleby (78), a longtime friend of Charles. But insiders fear Charles could also be questioned about the allegations and claims in Harry and Meghan’s publications.

As the “Mirror” further reports, Charles should “think about the interview offer”, but palace employees should be “concerned about the nature of the questioning”, according to an insider. However, the possibility should also be discussed that the monarch uses the conversation to present his point of view. Typically, sensitive topics are avoided in interviews, “which complicates things,” the source said, adding that the situation is “very sensitive.” The palace is aware that any comment about the Sussexes “would make headlines around the world” and could provoke a reaction from Harry and Meghan that the insider said “would be unpredictable.”

Alternatively, King Charles III. Record content in advance and make it available to the BBC, giving the Palace control over what is said. The insider added that the pre-taped content “would not be about the Sussexes.”

Charles, his wife Duchess Camilla (75), heir to the throne Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (41) have so far remained dignified after a series of headline-grabbing claims by family members who have emigrated to the United States.